50 Shades of White

Most people when they contact us about refinishing their cabinetry have plans to change their dated oak, cherry, pine cabinets ect. to white. It seems simple enough right? Until you go to choose a shade of white… because just ‘White’ in itself isn’t really a thing. There are lots of different shades of white. All with different undertones, and temperatures. We thought we would give you some tips and tricks on picking what shade of white works best for you!

Warm White

These whites tend to be more creamy and soft. When selecting a warm white pay attention to the undertones which can lean towards a yellow or beige. A favorite warm white we have used recently was Sherwin Williams Alabaster. With a subtle hint of beige it brought this kitchen from dark to bright without being overly cool

Cabinets SW 7008 Alabaster

Neutral White

A kitchen we did in a neutral white was Sherwin Williams Snowbound. Paired with Hale Navy on the island made the white in this kitchen pop even more. This is definitely more in the cool family as you can see its much brighter than Alabaster but not as white as Extra White as you will see below. This gave our kitchen a bit of a nautical feel which is pretty fitting in our little seaside town.

Cabinets : SW 7004 Snowbound Island: SW 6244 Hale Navy

Cool White

This next kitchen as you can see went with bright bright bright! Her cabinets were refinished in Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7006 which makes her light blue backsplash and yellow walls really pop!

Cabinet SW 7006 Extra White

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Welcome to Cabinet Revival’s blog .  Let us introduce ourselves

The Who, The What, The Where and the Why

First, who are we?  We are kitchen cabinet refinishing specialist – We are local to Rhode Island, family owned and operated and provide an exceptional service to our community who are looking to update their kitchen without replacing their cabinetry

What do we do exactly? Well we have a very specific process that we follow to refinish your kitchen cabinets- we can’t give away all of our secrets on here 😊 but the basics are

1. We remove your doors and draw fronts first and bring those back to our state of the art spray booth. Once we have cleaned and sanded them, we refinish those at our shop. 

2. The boxes we refinish in your home after we set up by applying a necessary protective system to ensure your floors, walls and appliances will not be affected by us spraying (See below) Once everything is sprayed and looking beautiful we put it all back together again so you can enjoy your new kitchen!

Time Keeps on Slippin’

How long does this process take? This is our number 1 question we get asked!  Most people know from watching HGTV that when you decide to take on a renovation you are bound to run into an issue or two and the whole process can take months! That’s the beauty of Cabinet Revival! Who wants to live without their kitchen for that long?  Since we are usually just dealing with refinishing your existing cabinetry we are generally in and out of your home within 7 business days!!  The exception to that is if you decide to modify any of your kitchen lay out, add counter tops, new appliances, ect. That time line would be adjusted to account for those added items.  We will go through this with you once you have decided what exactly you are having done in your space.

Last but not least – Why us? Well in the early 2000’s when DYI really blew up our parent company Smyth Painting started getting a lot of calls of ‘Oh my Goodness I tried to paint my own cabinets and I messed up!’  Our community knew that we would come in and fix whatever went wrong and make it right at a fair price. 

When we realized that so many people were ready to makeover their kitchen but not wanting to go through a full renovation, we knew that Cabinet Revival would be the perfect fit for so many people! We have successfully grown this business to help many families enjoy what looks and feels like a brand-new kitchen at just a fraction of the cost!

We hope you come back to see more kitchen revivals and learn some tips and tricks we suggest along the way!